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Schermafbeelding 2022-12-07 om 17.35.29.png

15/01/23 – 16.30H



Bring your multilingual brain to the videoscreening on January 15. Where signs and voices talk about language, reveal power structures and hidden stories; with a touch of poetry.  


Language, both literal and visual, starts with the smallest elements that have no exclusive meaning in themselves. It can be built up into small or large structures that can express a specific idea or an entire culture. It can be a powerful tool for assimilation or help shaping new forms of identity. Language can be embodied, or substituted by other bearers of meaning. When the original is translated, meaning shifts or reveals itself.  

We present a Shakespearian drama, a story of migration told in three languages, a linguistic body performance, the narrative of a city unfolding in layers, a dialogue in Russia with an automated voice, a visual sign spectacle and a landscape where a new language was born.


You can expect to hear at least: Arabic, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Slovak and Spanish. 

Program - Screening approximately 1 hour


Welcome from 16.30 hour

Screening starts at:  17.00 hour

Videos are subtitled in English (if needed)



Danielle Alhassid
Even mi Kir
Roberto Shemtov


Miriam Bajtala
3 Stimmen
(Distributed by Sixpackfilm)


Keren Cytter
Der Spiegel
(Distributed by LIMA) 


The glass workshop
Noa Bar Orian, Pam Sikkink,
Luca Heydt, Luna Deckers,
Lucia Vives, Hala Namer, Tobias Niemeyer,  Mari Janeva, Jiyan Duyu, Marie Diamant, Alex Harris, Abel Kars, Dax Niesten, Azul Ehrenberg, Hans Muller, Christopher Tijmen, Guru Khalsa, Jette Ketholt, Sara Elzinga, Sophie van de Berg, Talisa Harjorno


Giovanni Giaretta
Words Words Words Are 
Decorative Sounds
(Distributed by LIMA)


Ine Lamers  Fever is a bliss


Lies Neve Alphabet 

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