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What art can do is a foundation and project space in the Jordaan. With our program we try to inspire, inform and connect. And what is better than to feel inspired and have discussions about art amongst friends, the friends of What Art Can Do.

So, if have a passion for art and feel you would like to be part of our community you are very welcome to become a What Art Can Do friend. You would support us; help make it possible to continue organizing new inspiring exhibitions and related events.

As a member of our inner circle, you will receive a monthly email with new topics, information of upcoming vernissages, events, dinners and finissages and of course invitations to special events for What Art Can Do for friends.

You can become a friend of What Art Can Do for just 65 euros per year. The funds will then be reinvested in new exhibitions, events and lectures. We would love to welcome you as friend and supporter of the What Art Can Do community.

  • 65€
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